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Here is a lovely 2021 treat for fans of Tom Riley and comedy, especially as we wait for more news about HBO's The Nevers. Tom Riley and Nick Kocher shared a hilarious comedy sketch video on Instagram. Written by Nick Kocher for Cake FX, a comedy series shown on the FX channel and Hulu, Tom can be seen performing in a nightmare audition scene. The websites for Cake on FX and Hulu are not accessible outside the US unfortunately, so I am not sure when Tom's scene will be broadcast. Keep an eye (if you can) here and here for more information. With a bit of luck the scene will appear on the FX You Tube channel at some point.

Here’s another audition sketch I wrote for @cakefx! This one stars the frustratingly charming @tomrileydoneaphoto and it stresses ME out to watch it. Per usual, this was directed by Alex Anfanger and Dan Schimpf. And also per usual, the casting director is the great @mattbesser! You can watch CAKE on FXX on Thursdays, and then it’s on Hulu the next day. (Also, if you like these auditions sketches you should check out @foundauditions! Which is really great and made by talent juggernauts @amberschaefer69 and @yonilotan and it’s basically the same idea and that could have been a big whole dramatic thing but it turns out we were making them at the exact same time unaware of each other and we talked and everything is great now and we’re gonna be godparents to each others’ children and isn’t it nice when interactions over the internet are pleasant?)



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