Doctor Who: series 8 broadcast date & SFX article

The BBC announced the broadcast date for Doctor Who series 8, which means we have an idea when Tom's episode 3 will air in the UK and US. Series 8 episode 1 starts on August 23rd 2014 - with episode 3 hopefully airing on 6th Sptember 2014. It seems that BBC America broadcasts the show on the same day as BBC One in the UK.

An article in the latest SFX magazine (August 2014), now on sale, looks at the new series, and includes a small photo of Tom on set. The SFX website has more details about each episode.

Episode Three Writer:
Mark Gatiss (his seventh story for the show)

Paul Murphy (Wizards Vs Aliens, Brookside, Casualty)

Doctor Who: from Swansea to Cardiff

The buzz online today, following the announcement of Tom's appearance in series 8 of Doctor Who, has been amazing. A long term fan, Tom is clearly excited about being part of the show, and mentioned it (without revealing any details) in a recent interview for Screen Crush. 

But I’m about to do an indie movie, then I’m going to do something for two weeks that I can’t talk about but I’m so excited about my brain wants to pop, and that will just about fit until we go again.

His tweet this morning has been quoted extensively in online articles.