Da Vinci's Demons: why the show was cancelled

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht spoke to Deadline about the reasons behind his decision not to commission any more seasons of Da Vinci's Demons, and how season 3 will end. This comes after the announcement that Starz will release season 3 in its entirety via On Demand and Starz Play from October 24th.

This certainly feels for fans like the show has been dumped horribly quickly (#TheQuestEndsTooQuickly), for the final season, which is incredibly sad, though it's probable that Starz is testing the waters for the Netflix model of broadcast, and is using a show no longer wanted for the experiment. Fans outside the US will still have the weekly anticipation on the various FOX channels, though will have a terrible job avoiding spoilers online! Chris Albrecht confirmed that the decision to cancel was not made until season 3 filming was complete, so the extra shooting in March was not altering the ending to anticipate cancellation, as some fans keep reporting.

Starz recently announced that the upcoming third season of Da Vinci’s Demons will be the period drama’s last. The series, which has been off the air for almost year and a half, has been a respectable performer, so the decision to end it before seeing how Season 3 does was somewhat of a surprise.

It came down to having stronger shows that appeal to the same demographics, CEO Chris Albrecht said. “We really believe in serving underserved audiences in the premium cable space,” he said, noting the network’s success with female-oriented The White Queen and Outlander and black-skewing comedy Survivor’s Remorse. “The key is having shows that target a specific audience that becomes really passionate about the show.”

Albrecht said he loved Da Vinci’s cast and loved working with series creator David S. Goyerbut noted Goyer’s busy feature schedule, which led to a showrunner transition on the show after the first two seasons.

Meanwhile, “We have the success with Black Sails, which in some ways appeals to some of the same audiences, and while we have a lot of fan boys for Da Vinci’s Demons, we have what me the fan boy series of all time in Ash vs. the Evil Dead.“

The decision to end Da Vinci’s Demons was done after Season 3 was shot, so the producers didn’t necessarily plan the season finale as a series finale. Still, Albrecht promises “a very satisfying conclusion” and a satisfying way for fans to get to it by getting access to the entire final season on-demand the day of the premiere.

He says that “if we didn’t stop now, the story should’ve gone through the next point, and we would’ve been in it for at least for a couple of seasons.” Starz brass ultimately decided that now was a good time to end the show. “There is no bad news here,” Albrecht said, disagreeing with the c-word (as in cancellation) for a show like Da Vinci’s Demons. “The show ran its course. If a show runs for 3 seasons, it doesn’t mean it’s not a success, especially in the premium space.”


No, your softcore porn will never replace one of my favorite shows, STARZ. So, in the spirit of your attention toward sex over substance...screw you.

Very Saddened to hear that DaVinci's Demons will not continue. Its an extraordinary show, that weaves history with drama, and a lot of fun. It was great like "Rome" and "Spartacus." So many more stories to tell. I think its being ended far too soon. It was great great drama!

The CEO just wanted more shows that harness profit and not shows that deliberately educate the audience of history. This is not the exact depiction of what happened to the real da vinci but it heightens the awareness. People are devastated to hear that this show is ending. That only means you have what you are looking for--that band of passionate people who love the show. You could have marketed it the way you branded Black Sails. Give it the boost it needs. Do not sacrifice quality vs. the profit you are longing for.

It's been great Starz but it's time to dump you! Between the wait for Da Vinci's Demons the only show that has been worth watching, is Outlander! Black Sails, Survivor's Remorse, and Power just don't cut it! You'll be sorry for this very bad decision! And if you think Ash vs.The Evil Dead is going to be popular amongst your premium paying audience, I suggest you think again!

With the Cancellation of Da Vinci's Demons, I will be saying Good Bye to Stars... This was the only show worth watching on Stars. Power SUCKS... Black Sails is boring... and the rest is crap on a shingle... The white queen was worth it, but it is over. Well so am I, good bye stars, moving on....

The end of Da Vinci's Demons will also end my STARZ subscription. That wonderful show was the SOLE reason I kept that channel. With its departure, I guess the only good news is a few extra dollars in my pocket each month. Maybe we'll get lucky and another worthy network will pick up the show, much like SciFi did with StarGate SG-1 when Showetime dropped it.

What a shame that this fantastic show has to end. It is something different, special. I tried watching Black Sails and Outlandet but Da Vinci’s Demons is my fav by far. Thanks for an amazing show with some great actors and amazing soundtrack.

I really hope another network is smart enough to pick this show up. With the right marketing and time slot, this show will be recognized for the hit it is. Shame on Starz for its in incompetence on not recognizing a hit show when they see one.

I canceled hbo last month when I learned westworld would not return for a full year. I wonder how many starz subs did the same thing when D'sDs was axed