The Collection: character of Claude most intriguing in visually stunning series

Amazon has promoted The Collection a tiny bit more on social media, and even shared the above new photo of Tom as Claude Sabine, with a bit of photoshopping for Valentine's Day this week. They also uploaded some (geo-blocked) video clips to You Tube from the show, and one on Twitter. 

If you liked The Collection, Oliver Goldstick asked on Twitter for positive IMDb reviews. There is no news yet on a second season, and apparently the feedback on IMDb and Amazon will help immensely. 

There is a positive (I think) review for The Collection on this news site. It is quite difficult to read, and the reviewer seems to be mistaken about a few things. Read it in full on the site.

Amazon’s latest series, “The Collection,” aims to please the senses in a tale of fashion and deception in post-war Paris. Visually stunning, the series takes place during a time in which France hung on the precipice of reconstruction and chaos.

She seems unaware that some of the cast are actually French, and that The Collection is also a co-pro with France Télévisions, hence the variations of cast accents.  Claude and Paul both speak using RP, not so different. Also, Max Deacon's character Billy was never a minor character. In fact in the planning stages, his character was central to the story, and essentially The Collection storyline is still viewed through his eyes / camera. To be honest, I have no idea what some of the review says / is actually meant to mean. My English is clearly not up to the task.