The Collection: sexy drama with sibling rivalries, secrets, and romance

Three new reviews / weekend recommendations for The Collection have been posted online today. The first is an hour's review / recap / podcast from Organised Prime. Listen / download on the website. It is balanced and interesting, especially if you have watched the show, with kind comments about Tom as Claude Sabine to be found near the end of the podcast. Confusingly, the page for The Collection on Organised Prime mostly has info about another show. An error, I imagine.

The other recommendations are linked below. Watch The Collection now on Amazon US and UK. 

“I’ve been asked to restore France’s faded glory. The world thinks Paris is finished and the richest man in France wants me to change that opinion.” So says Paul Sabine (Richard Coyle) in the trailer for Amazon’s newest original series. It’s 1947 and the city and country are still recovering from the Nazi occupation and the war. Sabine runs a fashion house and his brother, Clyde (Tom Riley), designs. The show promises sibling and staff rivalries, plenty of secrets, romance and at least one death. Newsweek

Maybe clothes do make the man. Part family drama, part mid-century fashion show, this sexy BBC drama set in a post–World War II Paris design house focuses on two combative French brothers (Tom Riley and Richard Coyle) with very different ideas about how to expand the business. TV Insider