The Collection: well-acted, frequently compelling drama with a keen visual flair

This weekend is a perfect opportinity to stream / binge The Collection on Amazon Prime US and UK. The show has been included in the week's TV picks here, and best shows on Amazon Prime here. There is also a nice, though brief, review for the show on Digital Trends. Don't forget to leave feedback on Amazon and IMDb - persuade Amazon to commission a second season!

World War II is a common setting for shows and movies; far rarer are works that tackle the aftermath. Amazon’s new series The Collection begins in the bombed-out ruins of Paris, as the city rebuilds. The focus is on a fashion house run by two brothers: Paul Sabine (Richard Coyle), a businessman with a guilty past, and Claude (Tom Riley), a troubled artist who designs the clothes. The show follows the brothers as they struggle to build their empire, and are beset by challenges both professional and personal.

The juxtaposition of the fashion industry (a world of glamor) with post-war France (a world of rubble and determination) is a striking one, and the show plays around with the concept, particularly in its visuals. An early scene of a woman in a bright red dress walking the gray streets is just one of the many times the show uses a splash of color to great effect. While The Collection shows some odd quirks for a period piece — the two leads have distinctly British accents despite playing Frenchmen — it is nonetheless a well-acted, frequently compelling drama with a keen visual flair.