Da Vinci's Demons: official new poster

Starz have very kindly shared this amazing new poster for Da Vinci's Demons, showing Tom looking incredible as Leonardo Da Vinci.

The artwork features Tom as Leonardo Da Vinci , “an artist, inventor, swordsman, dreamer and idealist, with one of his famed inventions sketched behind him. Da Vinci’s flying machines have fascinated and inspired people for centuries and are a symbol of his genius and iconoclasm. ”

Leonardo was a transformational figure—the original Renaissance man and the kind of genius that only emerges every thousand years or so,” said series creator David S. Goyer. “What I like about this image is that it embodies a lot of the show’s themes. It’s aspirational. The triumph of the human spirit over ignorance and repression—the audacity of imagination.”

Da Vinci’s Demons premieres Friday, April 12 at 10pm, following the finale of Spartacus: War of the Damned before moving to its regular slot Friday nights at 9pm on STARZ.

EW also uploaded the poster along with this comment. 

Starz’ upcoming original series Da Vinci’s Demons has a marketing poster that draws upon the genius of its hero Leonardo da Vinci. The drama series stars Tom Riley as the famed artist and inventor, re-imagined as near-super-human character. The steely image highlights Riley and imaginative wings resembling da Vinci’s famed sketches.