Ill Behaviour: filming location and broadcast news

There is a new article on Gloucestershire Live about filming of The Crown in Gloucestershire, that also contains some interesting location and broadcast tit-bits about 'Ill Behaviour', the new BBC comedy drama series by Sam Bain, directed by Steve Bendelack (not Steve Pemberton as mentioned below), which Tom may be filming at the moment.

Crews have been seen at Hilles House, Edge for the filming of a new BBC TV drama called Ill Behaviour, directed by Steve Pemberton (Mighty Boosh, League of Gentlemen) too.

Event manager at the house which doubles as a wedding venue, Lucie Tay, said Ill Behaviour is due out in 2017.

"Today is the last day of filming - we have had a lot of car chases," she said. 

As well as filming at Hilles House, crew have been located at a farm at Colethrop between Harescombe and Haresfield. Location signs tell crew how to reach that location from junction 12 of the M5, and on to Hilles House on top of the Cotswold Escarpment a few miles away.

Ill Behaviour has been filming in and around the Bristol area for at least 4 weeks that we know of, including Castle Park and Hilles House, and is apparently a 3 part series for BBC iPlayer, according to one of Tom Riley's recent interviews. If the series is only 3 episodes, they must be nearing the end of shooting soon, and yet Ill Behaviour still hasn't been announced yet by the BBC, because...?

But at least we have the event manager from Hilles House to let us know that we can expect car chases, and to see the series in 2017!