Ill Behaviour: new cast details

Nothing has yet been announced about Ill Behaviour by the BBC, even though filming finished last December. Despite this, Google is picking up news tit-bits, and some interesting cast members are being revealed through a very quick search. 

We already know that Tom is starring in the 3 part comedy drama (written and created by Sam Bain and directed by Steve Bendelack), though we have no idea of his character. Monroe co-star Chrissy Chong's name was also revealed last November, along with Jessica Regan and Anjana Vasan.

It would seem from updated agency CVs now appearing in searches, there's exciting news that Tom's fiancée Lizzy Caplan will be appearing as Nadia, John Gordon Sinclair as Talbot, and Joey Akubeze as Tony. 

Andrew Cox is apparently the costume designer, and Hayden Matthews the production designer. 

Obviously none of this can be confirmed until it is announced by the BBC. We still have no idea of a storyline, nor a broadcast date.

The BBC has been announcing a lot of shows ahead of filming or which are currently filming, so it isn't standard policy to keep silent; yet even in his interviews this week, Tom mentioned that he still isn't allowed to say anything. It would have been the perfect way to get a potential audience interested in a brand new show - free publicity. A wasted opportunity.