Ill Behaviour: spoilerish behind the scenes photos

There is no real news about Ill Behaviour, nor hint of a broadcast date yet. However, an interview with the owner of Hilles House, one of the filming locations for Ill Behaviour last year, very briefly mentions the show - read it on this website. Punctuation heavy...

Of more interest / concern are the three, possibly quite spoilerish photos, from filming last November at Hilles House, which have been shared on the Hilles House Facebook Page. Click the link to see the post. The photos are not of Tom. 

BBC have left the building....after two weeks of filming for a new Black comedy drama - Ill Behaviour. To appear on your screens in 2017!! They have been a pleasure to have at Hilles and very respectful of the property and grounds.

Google has revealed two more cast members: Gregg Miller Burns and Kellie Blaise.