Ill Behaviour: Tom 'started' filming with a full head of hair...

The show Tom is filming right now in Bristol, and has been doing so since October, has still not been announced by the BBC. So we have very few details and no new tit-bits to share, other than we know Ill Behaviour is a 3 part comedy drama, written by Sam Bain for BBC 2 / BBC iPlayer. 

We have no idea about Tom's character, nor indeed, about the storyline, though Tom recently shared a couple of photos on Instagram, possibly from the set of Ill Behaviour. In the first (above), he appears to have a full head of hair. In the second (embedded below), Tom has again embraced a radical hair choice - there was the long hair, blonde hair, moustache, and now almost bald. This certainly makes Ill Behaviour seem most intriguing, and is brave for the time of year! RIP Tom Riley hair porn for a while.



Available to play nazis, football hooligans, Williamsburg baristas, and Jason Statham.

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