Infinite Possibilities: Serving Children on Radio 4 April 27th

Tom's reading of one of the three contemporary stories by Anita Sullivan - commissioned specially for Radio 4 - will broadcast tomorrow night 27th April at 1945 hours on BBC Radio 4. Infinite Possibilities - Serving Children is set in a seaside town and according to the Radio 4 website, explores a wider world that co-exists with our everyday lives.

Serving Children: Lem waits tables at a local restaurant, but he brings so much more than food to the customers.

Anita Sullivan has written a number of plays and short stories for BBC Radio, among them 'Countrysides' (2011), 'The Last Breath' (created with Ben Fearnside, 2012) and the adaptation for 'An Angel At My Table', which won Best Audio Drama (series or serial) at the BBC Audio Drama awards in 2014.

Reader: Tom Riley

Producer: Jeremy Osborne

A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4.