The Shadow Hours: premiere and Q&A tonight

Two new (and interesting), interviews with Kyle D Higgins, discussing The Shadow Hours and future festival plans, have been shared online. Read them in full on the Newsarama website and Gamespot.

Nrama: You've also go a movie coming out soon, right? At a film festival? The Shadow Hours? I saw you tweet about it. Back to filmmaking?

Higgins: Yeah, I am! It's been a couple years. I've been pursuing this career in comic books. I think anyone who's ever heard me speak before knows by now that I got into comics because of a film I directed, which C.O.W.L. is based upon, called The League. It was my college thesis film. And I basically blinked and woke up one day and realized I hadn't shot anything big since The League. And so I wanted to change that.

So I put together this short film, which is both a short film and a group of concepts for a feature. It's about these two identical twins who have this condition where only one can be awake at a time. So they pose as one person and work as private investigators, each awake for only half of the day.

And it's about this complicated relationship and the sacrifices that they make for each other. It's a 19-minute films that my friend Omar Spahi executive produced. Omar actually is producing Hadrian's Wall with us as well through OSSM Comics. So I brought the Shadow Hours idea to Omar and he said, yeah, we should do this.

It's premiering next week, on Tuesday, Aug. 16, in Los Angeles at HollyShorts Film Festival. It stars Tom Riley from DaVinci's Demons, Britt Lower from Man Seeking Woman, Loren Lester, who was actually the voice of Dick Grayson throughout Batman: The Animated Series, and Elizabeth Hower. And it's got a killer score from Bear McCreary.

So yeah, we actually built a new website called, so people can check out more information there. It's got a two-minute clip from the film and a bunch of screen grabs, and there are still frames and a sample of Bear's score. It was a lot of fun. It was just a part of my life that I'd hit pause on for a couple years. For as long as I've been doing comics, I've been always pitching projects for film or TV, but I hadn't actually made anything for awhile, so it was really nice to reactivate those muscles.

The Shadow Hours premieres tonight at HollyShorts! Can't wait to read feedback from the screening. Tom tweeted about attending a Q&A for the film, following the premiere. Sadly that may mean we won't get any red carpet photos, and the Q&A is only be for those who are able to attend the premiere, obviously.