The Shadow Hours: short trailer / video clip online

The cinematographer for The Shadow Hours has shared a short clip (possibly a trailer) for Kyle Higgins' film, shot last summer in Los Angeles. I'm sure you will agree, it looks beautiful. Hopefully we will have more news about The Shadow Hours soon. At present it is being submitted to various film festivals. 


Haven't heard Tom do an American accent in years, since his film with Juliet Binoche. He's nailed it here, very exciting. I hope Kyle distributes this soon. Sounds terrific.

He did an American accent in his episode of Poirot and also in Return to House on Haunted Hill. 

I forgot about Poirot, and never saw House on Haunted Hill. In any case, he sounds great and so different in this. Can't wait to see the whole thing, even the trailer Kyle promises soon is great to look forward to.