Starfish: DVD cover art and BBFC classification

Amazon UK has uploaded photos of the DVD cover art for the DVD release of the film on April 24th 2017. It is available now to pre-order.

Disappointingly, despite a LOT of deservedly wonderful reviews for the film and central performances, the marketing people decided to promote reviews from hate press sources on the DVD cover, rather than the 4 and 5 star reviews from the credible film press and broadsheets. 

The BBFC has classified the film as 15 for the video and feature versions today. I was hoping the DVD would include the lovely featurette and interviews shown at the special cinema screenings in 2016. Including that would offer a real incentive for potential fans to buy the film. Unfortunately I can't see any mention of included extras on Amazon or the BBFC site.

Don't forget that the Starfish soundtrack by Paul Sanderson is available to buy from iTunes UK and Amazon