The Toll Road: World Premiere at the 2019 Atlanta Film Festival

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The Atlanta Film Festival has announced its 43rd annual festival lineup, and it includes the world premiere of The Toll Road, directed by Tom Riley. The short film, starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr, is featured in the 'laugh track' category.  The festival runs from April 1st - 14th 2019, so the premiere will be a great birthday gift for Tom. 


The Toll Road: Tom discusses Lizzy Caplan's character's eyebrows

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The official website for The Toll Road has an interview with Tom about making the short film, as well as an extended statement from him as a director. Read them in full on the website. Tom chats about Lizzy Caplan's character's eyebrows, as well as the serious business of making The Toll Road.


The Toll Road: film poster and social media launch

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The Toll Road, a short film written by Richard Galazka, directed by Tom Riley, and starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr, had a social media launch yesterday. To keep updated with the film as it is screened at various film festivals, follow the new social media sites (links below), and the official film website which has interviews, behind the scenes photos and the teaser trailer.


The Toll Road: picture lock announced

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Kids At Play announced some exciting news on Twitter! Tom Riley's directorial debut: The Toll Road has reached picture lock. For those with absolutely no idea what picure lock is, this site has a useful article


Air The Film: now available to watch online!

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Back in 2013, between seasons 1 and 2 of Da Vinci's Demons, Tom Riley filmed short film with Antonia Thomas and David Schofield. The sci-fi film was shown at various film festivals, but has never been seen outside of festivals until today. Enjoy watching the rare clean-shaven Tom Riley as Nick, and also the plot twist which will appeal to Da Vinci's Demons fans! 


Extinction: now available to watch on Netflix worldwide

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Extinction, directed by Ben Young and starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan, is now available to watch on Netflix worldwide. A few reviews have appeared online today, and they have been very positive, especially about the acting! Tom Riley plays Chris in the film. Be VERY careful of the reviews until you actually watch the film. Don't spoil yourself for the surprise!


Extinction: interviews with Ben Young and Michael Pena

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Extinction, directed by Ben Young, is released worldwide on Netflix tomorrow 27th July 2018. Starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan, Tom Riley fans should look out for his role as Chris. Netflix doesnt seem to go big on promo for its films. We have had a trailer, but that is pretty much it.


Extinction: official trailer and website

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Netflix has finally shared a trailer for Extinction with Lizzy Caplan and Michael Pena, directed by Ben Young, which is released worldwide on July 27th. Tom Riley plays Chris in the film, but sadly doesn't appear in the trailer.  Keep an eye on the Netflix webpage for Extinction for updates. A film poster and more film stills have been shared here


Extinction: first video footage

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The German Netflix account has shared a promotional video of all July 2018 releases, which includes the first glimpse of Extinction, which is apparently to be released on July 27th worldwide. There is no sign of Tom Riley, but we do briefly get to see Lizzy Caplan and Michael Pena.


The Toll Road: IMDb updates

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The IMDb page for short film The Toll Road, directed by Tom Riley, has been updated. We now have a synopsis as well as character names. 

An eccentric couple face a headstrong adversary on the eve of their tenth wedding anniversary.

Lizzy Caplan ... Emily
Martin Starr ... Stewart
Billy Gardell ... Colin
Anthony Carrigan ... Darren