Links below to various interviews with Tom and press articles which mention Tom. For all the wonderful website interviews, which Tom has kindly done over the years click here.
Title Post date
The Nevers: new HQ episode stills from Far Far Away 28/05/2021
The Nevers: Tom reveals that season 1 part 2 will be digging into the characters 22/05/2021
The Nevers: Tom reveals how he prepared for his role as Augie Bidlow 17/05/2021
The Nevers: Riley is extremely endearing as Augie 17/05/2021
The Nevers: the cast preview UK launch on Sky Atlantic 17th May 14/05/2021
Tom Riley reveals his love for photography 13/05/2021
The Nevers: Augie Bidlow and Hugo Swann character portrait 10/05/2021
The Nevers: new Collider interview with Tom Riley and James Norton 10/05/2021
The Nevers: behind the scenes of Da Man shoot 07/05/2021
The Nevers: fabulous new photoshoot and interview for ContentMode magazine 06/05/2021
The Nevers: new interview with Tom Riley and James Norton for UPROXX 03/05/2021
The Nevers: new interview with Tom Riley and James Norton for AV Club 27/04/2021
The Nevers: behind the scenes of episode 2 19/04/2021
The Nevers: official podcast interview online 19/04/2021
The Nevers: new episode 2 stills and 'power' featurette 14/04/2021
The Nevers: Tom Riley interview with Da Man magazine now online 14/04/2021
The Nevers: fun Marie-Claire interview with the cast 12/04/2021
The Nevers: Tom Riley interview with Vogue Italia 12/04/2021
The Nevers: official podcast and behind the scenes featurette 12/04/2021
The Nevers: Tom Riley reveals how the pandemic changed the way they filmed 11/04/2021
The Nevers: Tom Riley reveals how he prepares for his role as Augustus Bidlow 11/04/2021
The Nevers: Tom Riley interview with British GQ 10/04/2021
The Nevers: Tom reveals which superpower he would like to have 10/04/2021
The Nevers: Tom Riley discusses his character Augustus Bidlow 09/04/2021
Da Man interview and photoshoot 08/04/2021
The Nevers: cast behind the scenes interviews 05/04/2021
The Honest Actors' Podcast interview with Tom Riley 23/12/2018
The Toll Road: Tom discusses Lizzy Caplan's character's eyebrows 05/12/2018
Dark Heart: new interview chatting Dark Heart, Da Vinci's Demons, and directing 19/11/2018
Dark Heart: new preview videos promoting the ITV finale tonight at 9pm 15/11/2018
Dark Heart: new clip for episode 5 13/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom didn't read the novels before filming the series 08/11/2018
Dark Heart: new preview clip for tonight's episode & new interview 07/11/2018
Dark Heart: Brilliant This Morning interview with Tom Riley now online 07/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom Riley plays Will’s part just right 07/11/2018
Dark Heart: new audio interview with Tom 06/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom chats about storylines in advance of BritBox launch 05/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom reveals how indecisive he is over scripts 01/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom discusses dealing with sensitive issues in the series 31/10/2018
Dark Heart: Build Series London interview now online 31/10/2018
Dark Heart: pacy and gripping, a quality thriller! Begins tonight 9pm on ITV 31/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom on changing costumes in pub toilets & strip clubs 30/10/2018
Dark Heart: Sunday Brunch interview stills online 29/10/2018
Dark Heart: BBC Breakfast interview on iPlayer for 24 hours 29/10/2018
Dark Heart: catch up with Tom's Sunday Brunch & Radio London interviews 28/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom on choosing his detective for life 28/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom chats about stunts, filming challenges, and being a low key hoarder 27/10/2018
Dark Heart: BBC Radio 2 interview now on iPlayer 27/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom chats about sex scenes & changing his appearance for roles 26/10/2018
Dark Heart: fantastic crime drama 25/10/2018