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This week is full of treats for Tom Riley fans it seems. There are photos of Tom and Lizzy Caplan looking fantastic while attending a pre-Emmy Vanity Fair Fx party on 13th January 2024 in Los Angeles. And also a very long podcast interview with Tom, which is available to download on Apple Podcast and Spotify (embedded below).

The podcast interview with Tom is by The Theatre Enthusiast. It was shared nearly a week ago but thanks to Instagram's now terrible search engine, only appeared when I looked yesterday evening. It is a lovely long interview discussing Tom's theatre career, and his directorial debut with The Toll Road.

As it was recorded at the start of the recent actor's strike (quite a few months ago), the conversation is very careful to avoid mentioning certain TV shows or films. Tom was amazingly kind about this website in various responses during the interview. Thank you, Tom! Also, we are totally behind Tom Riley in any Shakespeare production. Someone please make it happen.

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