A Christmas Message from Tom!

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2020 is nearing its sorry end, and news, tit-bits and photos for fans of Tom Riley have been in short supply thanks to the pandemic. 

While the news that Joss Whedon left his creation The Nevers for HBO was incredibly sad, at least the series finally finished filming, and we can look forward to seeing Tom as Augustus Bidlow on our screens again in 2021. US fans have an extra treat now that the fantastic Starfish the film is available to view online, and Tom's directorial debut The Toll Road is also available to watch online .


Da Vinci's Demons season 3 set visit interview - part 2

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Did you notice differences when you were filming Kill Your Friends and Doctor Who, after filming Da Vinci’s Demons for so long?

I kind of like the lack of pressure. You know, on Doctor Who, it is very much Peter’s [Capaldi] new thing, and it’s got to be right. Admittedly, I am in that episode a lot! It’s a big part, but I was really aware that it was Peter’s show, and the pressure was on him. He was brilliant with it. He was fantastic.

Steven Moffat said some really lovely things to the press about your performance in Doctor Who.


Da Vinci's Demons season 3 set visit interview - part 1

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Are you enjoying the full producer role?

Yes, it’s been very interesting. Last year the co-producer role really only kicked in half way through. So, I only got a chance to do, what I hoped I could do, from episodes 3 and 4, and later. They’ve been really generous to me - really kind about it. They’ve taken on board things I have suggested. Things I haven’t liked as much, they’ve listened. It’s a give and take situation. Ultimately, there were enough strong, creative voices, that we came out with something we are very proud of with season 2.


Da Vinci's Demons: set visit website interview

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Horse riding - was it a new skill for this role?


Website Interview


Guilty Pleasures and Favourites   


Favourite -

The Wire is the greatest television show ever made, but Lost remains a close second for having slipped such a complex and intelligent show under the radar and onto a mainstream American TV network.

Guilty pleasure –