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2020 is nearing its sorry end, and news, tit-bits and photos for fans of Tom Riley have been in short supply thanks to the pandemic. 

While the news that Joss Whedon left his creation The Nevers for HBO was incredibly sad, at least the series finally finished filming, and we can look forward to seeing Tom as Augustus Bidlow on our screens again in 2021. US fans have an extra treat now that the fantastic Starfish the film is available to view online, and Tom's directorial debut The Toll Road is also available to watch online .

To help cheer us all up during the current lockdowns, Tom kindly sent a lovely message to everyone supporting the website. Come back tomorrow to see another special (and very funny) Christmas Tom Riley treat in the Advent Calendar.

Thank you, Tom!

Happy Holidays and thank you to everyone who has supported the website and all the related social media accounts over the years - maybe not so much to the drama llamas with the blocking fingers.

Here's to a much better 2021. Cannot wait to see The Nevers.

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