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So, HBO drama series The Nevers is currently in post production (sadly without creator and showrunner Joss Whedon), and is expected to be broadcast on HBO and HBO Max summer 2021. We had our first fantastic peek at the new series last week in HBO's preview video, but will have to wait a bit longer before we get a glimpse of Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow. In the mean time, another couple of tit-bits have appeared online to keep us going. 

A lovely feature on The Nevers gaffer Tom Gates has been shared on British Cinematographer, with great photos of him alongside The Nevers cinematographer Seamus McGarvey on set of The Nevers.

Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC says:

The Nevers was my first experience working with Tom. He came with a legendary reputation and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m not just saying this – it was a fantastic experience working with him. He really is one of the most sensitive, hardworking and creative gaffers I’ve ever worked with. Coming from Game Of Thrones he was able to get on-board immediately with the pace of it. Tom is an extraordinary planner, executing the lighting plan quickly with the minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Jumping from location to location very fast, he was supported by a team of amazing sparks. He has this mind for complicated set-ups and has the ability to work quickly at scale. I realised I could do anything with him. Every set was always ready on the morning we wanted to shoot with the lamps not just in position but focussed and ready-to-go.

The gaffer/DP relationship is one of the key creative relationships in film and it helps if you can form a personal bond with a gaffer – it helps establish a creative camaraderie. Tom and I immediately hit it off with a rapport that meant we could talk abstractly about the look and feel of the film. Tom got the strong look immediately. He’s also great fun to be around. Sets can be high-octane places and tempers can flare, but Tom is one of the calmest gaffers around when the shit hits the fan. He’s great at managing his crew and at nurturing the precious relationship between lighting and the DP and camera team, ensuring there is no unnecessary noise or bad energy around the set.

The location of The Nevers set was not shared in the Tom Gates feature, but we know from this website that scenes for The Nevers were filmed in Titan Studios, West Wycombe and also Langleybury Mansion. Intriguingly, neither locations match the British Cinematographer images which seem to be from Lancaster House. Previous fim locations have included Painshill Park, Trinity Square in London, and the Sue Ryder Hospice, Nettlebed.

Another item to look out for is this Victorian fireplace which was sold to the production. 

Hopefully we shall have more news about Tom and The Nevers soon. 

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