Murder Is Easy: BBC releases new trailer

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The BBC has uploaded the frist trailer for new Agatha Christie adaptation Murder Is Easy, and it includes a brief glimpse of Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield. 

According to the Radio Times, Murder Is Easy will broadcast on BBC One Wednesday 27th December and Thursday 28th December 2023.


Murder Is Easy: BBC announce Christmas lineup

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The BBC has announced its Christmas lineup for 2023, and it includes Murder Is Easy, with Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield, though actual broadcast dates and times have not been revealed. The BBC also included this great cast promotional photo!


Murder Is Easy: first look cast photos released

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The BBC has released promotional photos of the cast of Agatha Christie's Murder Is Easy, and includes a fabulous photo of Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield. The BBC promises that the 2 part thriller which was filmed in Scotland is coming soon to BBC One. 


Murder Is Easy: Scottish filming locations

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Some of the local Scottish newspapers have been sharing details about the new BBC Agatha Christie adaptation of Murder Is Easy, with Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield.


The Nevers: Outstanding VFX nomination

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The 2023 Emmy nominations have been announced and The Nevers VFX team have been nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Single Episode for the "It's A Good Day" episode. Congratulations to all involved. All episodes of The Nevers can now be watched on regular rotation on TUBI. 

Huge congratulations also to Tom Riley's wife Lizzy Caplan, on her Emmy nomimation for Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie for Fleishman Is In Trouble!

The 75th Primetime Emmys will be held on 18th September.


Murder Is Easy: new Agatha Christie adaptation now filming

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Deadline has announced that Tom Riley has joined the cast of a new Agatha Christie adaptation of Murder is Easy, for the BBC and Britbox. Murder is Easy, a two part thriller, is now filming in Scotland with Tom taking the role of Lord Whitfield. This will be Tom's third Agatha Christie adaptation!


The Nevers: Roku to stream all of season 1 on 8th April

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TV Line is reporting that the free streaming service Roku will be showing all of The Nevers season 1 on Saturday 8th April starting at 10am ET. This appears to be only for US viewers, as the UK Roku site does not have this information.

Roku announced on Tuesday that The Roku Channel has launched 14 Warner Bros.-branded linear channels, detailed below.


The Nevers: March broadcast dates and times on TUBI TV

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Decider has kindly shared the broadcast dates for the all episodes of season 1 on TUBI TV this March. It is really easy to watch The Nevers on TUBI TV. Not so easy to find the time to watch it live - not least because TUBI TV does not seem to announce its schedule anywhere. Check out the dates and times below to see Tom Riley as Augie Bidlow. 


The Nevers: new set stills and behind the scenes photos

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The cast and crew of The Nevers have been sharing behind the scenes photos from filming the second half of The Nevers season 1, as well as lots of set stills. Check out photographer Anthony Mark Saul's Instagram account for lots of great photos of Tom Riley as Augie, and Ann Skelly's account for the fun behind the scenes photos.


The Nevers: all episodes stream on TUBI from 13th February

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Streaming service TUBI has announced the release dates for all episodes of The Nevers, starting on Monday 13th February. TV Line has shared the streaming dates for each of the episodes along with a Q&A with showrunner Philippa Goslett. The Nevers will be in regular rotation on Tubi’s WB TV Watchlist Channel.