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The Instagram account What To Watch On Netflix, and the entertainment website TV Insider both posted 5 great reasons to watch The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window on Netlix!

The TV Insider article includes kind words about Kristen Bell's co-stars! Read the article in full here. The Instagram reasons have been shared above.

Top-Notch Casting

The stars at the center of this series know what they’re doing when it comes to the unique material the show utilizes. While Bell’s a seasoned pro at the mystery genre from her years on Veronica Mars, Tom Riley and Michael Ealy make perfect scene partners as Anna’s neighbor Neil and ex-husband Douglas. Keeping up with them all is Neil’s daughter Emma played by Samsara Yett and Mary Holland as Anna’s overly concerned bestie Sloane. And keep your eyes peeled for a few surprise players throughout the season.

Collider shared a great interview with the cast of The Woman In The house, and uploaded the video to You Tube. Read the article in full on Collider.

Michael and Tom, how was it for you guys? When you explain this show to your friends and family, do you get the title right?

RILEY: Yeah. I guess I have practiced because I’ve said it more than some people would say it, but there’s a little joy at being able to say, “That’s what I’m shooting. That’s what’s gonna be on soon. It’s called The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.” People think the title should have ended five seconds ago, and you’re still going. There’s a joy in that, for sure.

Tom, what about you? How did you react to learning how things would end up?

RILEY: I love the ending. It feels perfect for what the show is while at the same time being completely unexpected. And like Kristen said, it’s incredibly violent and I was there for the violence. I didn’t do anything about it, but there was some brutal stuff going down.

Tom, your character is someone that we learn about through the relationships that he has with the women in his life, from his dead wife, to his neighbor, to his girlfriend, to his daughter. What was it like to explore each of those relationships and find the character through all these different sides to him? He feels like a little bit of a different person with each of the women in his life.

RILEY: Well, I think that’s partially because a lot of what you’re seeing is Anna’s perspective of him. She is constantly remaking in her mind who the man is, whether he is the great hope that she’s been waiting for in her life, or whether he’s a murderer, and she bounces back and forth. Some of those relationships that you see, you’re not seeing the truth. You’re seeing how Anna is imagining it. So yeah, it’s very much about playing the role that is simultaneously the man he is and the man I know he is, which is all revealed in episode four, and at the same time, trying to play the guy that’s Anna’s invention.

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