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UK based fans of Tom Riley can see him in as Adrian in Modern Life Is Rubbish, which has been released un UK cinemas today. Screen locations include London, Edinburgh, Cambridge and York - check for cinemas showing Modern Life Is Rubbish near you on the official film website. If you dont get the chance to see Tom on the big screen, the film is released on DVD Monday 7th May 2018. 

There are some nice touches, some sweet touches, including a disastrous first sexual encounter: where's the condom? What music to put on? And oh-my-God, the neighbour can hear! There is, too, a very clear arc. Up, up, up and away followed by down, down and deeper down. The penultimate straw for Natalie is a Glastonbury drenching: stuck in a tent, no money, down to their last can of beans. From here on in, the writing is on the wall. They split and then we are left with the inevitable romcom will-they-won't-they. Eye For Film

There is an effort to avoid two-dimensional characters (just wait to see what they do with the story’s Nanny McPhee of failing indie bands, ‘The Curve’!), but it’s certainly not ground-breaking in this department – something reflected in the plot generally. The important question to ask yourself here is does this matter when the film’s mastery lies in its ability to recreate a feeling and evoke an emotional bond to a time and a place – not start a revolution to destroy clichés? (hint: the correct answer is ‘no’.) Its blend of heart-warming chemistry between Whitehouse and Mavor and unsentimental humour makes Modern Life is Rubbish a pleasant and smart romantic comedy / indie film. It’s a lovely, slightly twee nostalgia trip and can be forgiven a few hiccups. A great look at the decade after the ‘coming of age’ period in life and a truly feelgood film. Loose Lips

From the outset, Natalie (Freya Mavor) is an intelligent, artistic and thoughtful partner to the lead player, Liam (Josh Whitehouse). Modern Life is Rubbish teeters on the edge of making a poignant message overrule the clichés of romantic movies. Culturefly

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