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The Canadian Press has posted an interview with Tom and the other male leads in Arcadia, where they discuss their roles. Read it in full on the website.

"On the page he appears quick, charming, a grinning smiling Cheshire cat with a raised eyebrow," Riley said of the role of Septimus. "But the more you delve into it, the more complex and deep it becomes."..

...Neither actor has imposed his opinions on Riley, for which he is grateful. The actor is making his Broadway debut, never before performing in front of an audience of a thousand. Riley's Septimus is clever and sly, slipping his lines in as one-liners, giving the audience a moment to realize, and then guffaw. "It's really a harder role than I thought when I accepted it," he said. "It's an incredible challenge to confront that sense of mischief he has with the darker forces at play later on."

There is a wonderful drawing of the cast by artist Justin Robertson on Broadway.com

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