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Collider has shared a review of The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial which includes a great review of Tom Riley's performance. The film starts streaming on Showtime Paramount + on Friday 6th October. Collider also shared a new clip from the film, which includes Tom Riley as Lt Willis Keith, and is embedded below.

The actors, at least, do their damndest to keep your eyes on them, even as they sit unmoving in their chairs. It’s a round-robin of both recognizable faces and complete strangers as the trial goes on, each giving a more elaborate performance than the last. Tom Riley and Francois Battiste stand out in particular, with Jay Duplass and Lewis Pullman bringing up the rear — the latter in a surprisingly subdued performance compared to his other recent work. Each is the piece in a larger puzzle, and there’s very little in the way of character work here; it’s like watching a succession of monologues in an acting class, each actor proving they can hold their own in a scene.

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