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Following last night's press launch for The Collection, several news sources have shared articles about the show, and have included this new promo photo of Tom as Claude Sabine. The Collection begins in just over 3 weeks!

The Express provides more detail of the history of the Sabine brothers. 

SET IN Paris in 1947, Amazon Prime's new series The Collection focusses on warring brothers Paul and Claude Sabine who run a successful fashion house but whose pasts may come back to haunt them... 

...Describing how the brothers came to run a fashion house, the actor (Richard Coyle), informed press, including Express.co.uk: "Their father left and they grew up above a brothel and Paul was fascinated by the women the colours and the scents...

...In the first series, viewers can expect to see Paul work hard to protect his brother Claude, keep his marriage in tact, impress the President with his next collection and keep the twisted truth about how he became so successful a secret.

This site has more from Oliver Goldstick.

From writer and showrunner Oliver Goldstick, the man behind Ugly Betty and Pretty Little Liars, it is a tense and twisting drama set in an exclusive fashion house in post-war Paris.

It’s ostensibly a family drama but episode one alone gives us murder, sibling rivalry, class and culture clashes, romance, treachery, deceit, a Nazi hangover and lots of dark secrets to be revealed.

Richard Coyle (Coupling, Crossbones) leads the cast as visionary designer Paul Sabine. At the show’s launch at Amazon Fashion Studios in London, Coyle said: “He is a brilliant businessman, I think he is a gangster in some ways and a romantic and a thug. He is a street kid and I think that is one of the interesting things about him. “He has reinvented himself. He grown up on the streets and he has pulled himself and his family out of the gutter and he has made the house, this label, from nothing.

“He is incredibly resourceful, incredibly driven, ambitious, ferocious. There is a lot of secrets in the closet behind him.”

Goldstick added: “The skeletons wear the best clothes when they come out of the closet.” The Collection is a US-British-French collaboration with a predominantly Brit cast, which also includes Kent actor Tom Riley (Kill Your Friends) Paul Sabine’s mercurial brother Claude. It is visually stunning, with predictably gorgeous costumes and some filming in Paris but mostly in Swansea.

And while the season opener throws up so many questions, be prepared for things to get very twisted and fractured as the series rolls on.

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