Part 2 of an interview with Tom for Assignment X has been shared online. Read both parts in full on the website. 

AX: You and the other DA VINCI’S DEMONS people have to talk to a lot of journalists in the course of promoting the series. Does having to talk about the work so much affect the work in any way?

RILEY: Sometimes it enlightens it. Sometimes you talk and you think, “Oh, yeah, that’s what this is. That’s interesting for the next season.” Certainly in between 1 and 2, I remember thinking, “That’s a great connection.” You talk about it so much that you find yourself examining characters in ways that you didn’t have time to do when you were shooting. As far as the actual circus of it all, it’s the only time that actors live the life other people think actors live. So it’s the only time you’re put up in nice hotels and flown business class and all that stuff, because they’re not paying you, so they have to be nice to you. Everything else, when you’re working, you stay in a tiny trailer off a motorway somewhere in the rain. It’s completely unglamorous.

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