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An extended version of the Da Vinci's Demons season 3 featurette, shown on The Take, has been broadcasting this weekend on Starz. The new version has over 20 new glimpses of season 3, and includes interviews with Tom, Blake, Gregg, Laura, James, John Shiban, and also two of the new female cast members for season 3: Simone Lahbib and Eleanor Matsuura.

The new clips included of season 3 look wonderful. Tom is going to be amazing again as Leo, and James Faulkner describes the new season perfectly in The Take.

It is an enormously engaging, fun, fast moving, action packed show. What more could you want?

I haven't yet managed to grab the featurette in full, but efforts are being made to record the whole thing. If you have Starz, try to catch it, though I will warn that 1 or 2 glimpses appear to be really quite spoilerish, sadly. Though, as I haven't seen any episodes, I can't confirm they are spoilers. More gifs of the new scenes can be found on my Tumblr.

I transcribed a few of the soundbites included on the part recording I do have.

Tom Riley:

  • It’s a riskier season, and the audience really isn’t going to know what is going to happen.
  • This season really deals with the fall out of the last 2. His actions up to this point have rippled outwards, to affect everyone around him.
  • Something that defines this season, is the strong women we’ve brought in.
  • The best thing about the show really, is that we can surprise people. 

John Shiban:

  • The scope, the look…it looks like you are watching a big feature film, every time you tune in.

Laura Haddock:

  • A lot of the characters have found themselves in dangerous places, more dangerous than they’ve been before. They have got to be really strong to get themselves out of it. 

Blake Ritson:

  • Riario, Lucrezia, and Leonardo have all left a trail of death and it has come back to bite them.
  • We pick up the series with the threat of a Turkish war that is going to sweep all through Italy.

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