This Is South Wales have more interviews with Tom and production designer Ed Thomas on their website, which reveals that production is now in it's final eight weeks. 

"We have eight weeks left and we have a schedule which says wrap," he said. "Starz TV expect more punk in their shows and they expect artistic licence. "There will be lots of blood, gore and action." Margam Castle has become the Medici Palace as part of the production, and filming is also taking place at the former Visteon site, which is now known as Bay Studios, in Fabian Way, Port Talbot. Mr Thomas said the area had been a perfect place to film.

Only a tiny tit-bit from Tom about the weather. 

Tom revealed the role was a real challenge, but he was enjoying filming in the region. "I love being in Swansea and I love being in Wales — there's incredible views and locations," he said. "The Welsh weather has been fun. "It has been brilliant when the sun is out and a nightmare when it is not."

The IMDb page for Da Vinci's Demons has added 2 more episode titles for the series - ep 5 The Tower, ep 6 The Devil; while the Total Film magazine currently on sale, has a brief interview with cast member Gregg Chillin who revealed a little about his character Zoroaster.

"It's about the young Da Vinci in 15th Century Florence, on the cusp of all those incredible discoveries. I play his friend Zoroaster, a grave robber and his link to the underworld. It's by far the coolest thing I have ever worked on."

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