There is an incredible new Da Vinci's Demons feature trailer on IMDb, which is viewable outside the US. It has wonderful new scenes, and interviews with the creators and the cast, including Tom. 

Another good review has appeared on Boston.com.

“Da Vinci’s Demons” is an entertaining series with one huge factor working in its favor: Unlike so much of what we see on TV lineups, it aims to be different.

While in another interview for Aint It Cool News, David S. Goyer has some lovely and funny words to say about Tom.

Beaks: Tom Riley has been on the cusp for a while. He's been turning up in movies here and there, and I heard he was wonderful in the recent production of ARCADIA. Did you get a chance to see that?

Goyer: I didn't, but I know he's a favorite of Tom Stoppard's.

Beaks: Landing him for this show feels something of a coup. How did this come about?

Goyer: We saw hundreds of people. I wasn't familiar with him prior to him coming in for the audition. I was actually getting distraught, because it's no small feat for someone to play the greatest genius of all time. I just felt that we hadn't found him, and I was worried that we were going to have to push production. Then he came in and nailed it. At his first audition, I wrote down "We found him" and slid the note over to one of my producers. Tom is an incredible actor. He's of Irish descent, so... I believe you find the right actor, but we did have to send him to a tanning booth. One of the things you can't fake as an actor is intelligence. Tom is incredibly witty in real life. I was hoping that someone would come in and be smart, be funny, be a little bit dangerous, be a little bit annoying, and Tom was able to encapsulate all of these things. I'm a big fan of the British SHERLOCK and what Benedict Cumberbatch is doing; that's a guy who's a genius but not always likable. I think in American TV, HOUSE is similar to that. Leonardo is kind of a dick sometimes, and I like that.

GamerHub have shared a great new interview with Tom on You Tube, where he chats about Assassin's Creed helping to bring Leonardo da Vinci into pop culture.

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