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There is an interesting interview with Da Vinci's Demons costume designer Annie Symons on Yahoo, accompanied by lots of lovely stills from the series. 

TT: What drew you to "Da Vinci's Demons?"

AS: Well, I liked it because I had never done a series before and I was quite drawn to the madness of it. The opportunity to re-invent the Renaissance and funk it up a bit was really exciting to me, and I liked the idea of working in a very hyperreal world. I've done a lot of "mucking-up-the-past" work before--re-envisioning and learning a few rules and then chucking them out the window is what I do best, I think! And I thought it was an exciting project. I like [producer] David [S. Goyer] a lot and I thought he was very interesting and positive and it was a new opportunity for me to work in a different way and move from quite serious, narrative writing to something that is full of explosions!

Zimbio has yet another stunning photo of Tom from last night. 

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