Three gorgeous images of Tom, from the Da Vinci's Demons press line at NYCC, have been shared by AP Images. 

Starz shared some of Tom's answers to fan questions on Twitter today. Whoever was behind the Starz Da Vinci's Demons Twitter this weekend did an amazing job - please stay.

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What's next for da Vinci and Lucrezia?

"Just because s1 ended the way it did doesn't necessarily mean they'll be able to keep themselves away from each other. They ended in a very difficult place but if there is one person that can understand her it's Leonardo."

How does @thisisTomRiley describe da Vinci & Riario's relationship in 3 words?

"Uneasy mutual respect"

Will we learn more about da Vinci's mother?

"If I told you I'd have to kill you. It's the one puzzle he can't solve."

How does @thisisTomRiley feel about playing da Vinci?

"He is the smartest man in the world and no actor in the world could have his mind."

Why @thisisTomRiley as da Vinci?

Goyer: "Tom walked in and was just incredible. I remember writing on a sheet of paper, that's him"

@thisisTomRiley on making da Vinci relatable

"You have to find the human connection. It was mainly the desperate struggle, being an outsider"

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