An interview with Tom, from the red carpet at Cannes on Monday evening, has been uploaded to You Tube. 

Tom: "Its a huge, huge deal and you don't want to do it a disservice. There are so many people to whom he is such an essential important figure in history and you want to be respectful, whilst at the same time also accurately recreating the world that David Goyer has created, which is far more fantastical and exciting and off the wall version of the history that we would all expect. So, it's a balancing act between getting all the nuance that I did through, or that I learnt about from research and studying him inside out and also being prepared to sword fight and blow things up and leap from tall mountains - that doesn't happen." 

Reporter: "How do you think your portrayal of Da Vinci is going to play out in the world? How are you going to be seen, do you think?"

Tom: "I think once people get used to the idea that we're slightly...we're sort of throwing the historical, the genre conventions on their head and being a bit more modern with it, a bit more modern in the rhythms of how we speak and the way we dress. Once they're on board I think they'll go for it, because it's just a really good story."

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