Another brilliant interview with Tom from yesterday's Da Vinci's Demons premiere in Neath has been uploaded to You Tube and the first of the UK online reviews have appeared...

In other words, there’s a lot going on, with plenty of sex – most of the characters here, male and female, are quite lusty – and some gory violence. Riley as Da Vinci is suitably charming and the banter is engaging, particularly when Leonardo’s pal and sometimes employee Zoroaster (Gregg Chillin). For viewers not well-versed in history, exposition is laid out simply and easily –Florenceis a place where ideas flourish, Rome looks toNaplesfor military aid, and so on. Production design is suitably sumptuous and deep, transporting us to another place and time, and the cast is very attractive... Assignment X

If the episode doesn’t quite work as a standalone piece of storytelling, you can forgive it because of all of the opportunities it opens up for the rest of the season (and the already-commissioned second). Already we have a good sense of the world that Leonardo lives in, and know the players who will shape it. And as final revelations go, the reveal that the spy working in Florence for the Pope’s right hand man, Count Riario, is none other than Lucrezia is the sort of twist great shows are built on. Looks like Leonardo’s taken on more than even a genius multi-hyphenate polymath Renaissance man can handle… SFX

Gloriously entertaining - 4 stars... Heat Magazine

The almost edible Tom Riley turns Leonardo into a sex symbol... The Look

Show Patrol have a great preview for tonight's episode on Starz 'The Serpent' along with 2 clips which are available to view outside the US!

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