Hi-res and unwatermarked photos from the TCA panels yesterday have been posted to Zimbio, with some really great photos of Tom. While we wait for full interviews to be shared following yesterday's Da Vinci's Demons TCA panel, numerous season 2 details and titbits, revealed by Tom and the team yesterday, have been shared on Twitter and various online sites and blogs. The season 2 costume designer created for Star Wars?

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By all accounts, season 2 will be darker, and while there will still be a fair amount of 'romp', Tom thinks there will be less sex this season. Tom was clearly enjoying the banter with journalists, as several tweeted his entertaining responses to questions.


IGN and The Wrap posted some more titbits from the panel. NB 22nd March is a Saturday, not a Friday.

“DaVinci’s Demons” goes places both story-wise and location-wise for Season 2, the show’s creator David S. Goyer and castmembers said at the Television Critics Association press tour. “I really wanted to take the actors out of their comfort zones,” Goyer said.

Premiering on Friday, March 22, the series will leave Rome and goes darker and more physical this season. “I think we found our tone,” the producer said. “We all feel much more comfortable with it. There are elements that are darker than last season.”

Star Tom Riley added: “In the beginning of the first season, we were trying to find our tone. And in midseason, we took off. This is very much in tune with where we left off.” The Wrap


Riley says that the complex man’s journey to maturation certainly will continue to take surprising twists and turns. “Certainly the way he’s written, he seems to be a million things at once,” Riley said. “It’s kind of tough to throw an audience a character that seems like he’s coming from a dozen different directions, and then over time, you get a chance for it to coalesce into a whole. In Season 1, he was an enfant terrible, and he behaved appallingly. In Season 2, we see him as an adolescent, and hopefully in the future we’ll see him become a man.”

Oh, and not to worry, Goyer promises that there will still be a "fair amount of romp," for fans of that aspect of the series. IGN


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