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In a new interview with Tom shared by A Televiso (it may just have been from the press conference - it's difficult to tell as we haven't seen footage of it all), he chats about the changes new showrunner John Shiban has brought to season 3. Thank you again to Andre for translating.

The third season of Da Vinci’s Demons raises production levels with the inclusion of a new showrunner – John Shiban – who's already integrated with the show this year, with shooting  very nearly finished. That was exactly why ‘A Televisão’ wanted to know, with the help of the show’s protagonist, if there were changes of any kind.

Tom Riley assures us that there “won’t be any major changes, but I think it will look different. It didn’t change the way we work, since many department heads are the same, likewise for the cast, that know each other intimately. We’re still doing to same thing, guaranteed".

During his time at Comic Con Portugal 2014, Leonardo Da Vinci took the opportunity to highlight John Shiban’s previous work, as well as to point out some differences this new season will bring.

“He previously worked on shows such as Breaking Bad. He was very strict in taking the show and make it focus on the character. To dive into these people and discover what makes them tick. He also wanted to make it seem bolder, so many of scenes we did inside are now being done outdoors. We built sets outside instead of inside our studios. And gambled with the weather in Wales, which wasn’t fun”, said the actor jokingly.

To conclude, Tom Riley thinks “it will look and feel a bit different, but it’s still going to be the show that everyone loves".

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