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Apparently in Los Angeles at the moment to meet the new Da Vinci's Demons writing team, Tom and Gregg Chillin also found time for a couple of interviews yesterday. Access Hollywood shared their fun video online -watch below, while you can read part 1of the new EW Community interview in full on their website.

To take a historical figure as well-known as that and to just drop him into this adventure tale is just amazing. I want to know if (to Chillin) your character is going to be frenemies with Amerigo Vespucci throughout or at some point are they going to kill each other eventually.

Chillin: The truth is: I really don’t know, because all the new (writers) are still sort of plotting and planning, aren’t they?
Riley: Certainly this season…
Chillin: Oh, certainly season 2. I mean, yeah, you pretty much got it right: It gets very life-or-death between us.
Riley: It actually does.
Chillin: It actually does.
Riley: No one knows that.
Chillin: I actually forgot about that: So you’re going to see some action finally materialize instead of just the usual snipes. I forgot about that.
Riley: The Vespucci idea, it is crazy, but actually, in the grand scheme of some of the crazier things we’ve done, it’s not as mad as all that. He was there, he was in Florence at that time; their paths would have crossed. You know, right back there in that second episode of the first season, we put that map of South America on the wall, so the plan always was to go there. David had always said to us, at the beginning of the first season, “You know if we have season 2, this is what’s happening. And that’s why that map’s there.” So Vespucci is the obvious addition, because he is the man who first went there, and actually, they found out a lot about him, that he was a bit of a chancer, and he was a bit of a player, and he was renowned for taking credit for things that he actually didn’t do. So Lee (Boardman) took that idea and ran with it. We love Lee. We’re big fans of Lee Boardman, who plays Vespucci, and he’s a big deal in England. He’s a very famous actor in England who’s done loads and loads of stuff. He’s the one who can’t go out in Swansea (where Da Vinci’s Demons is filmed) without getting mobbed.

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