No photos sadly, but there is a wonderful article about the Da Vinci's Demons production and brief interviews with Tom and David S. Goyer on the Wales Online website. Read it in full on the website.

At Margam Castle in Port Talbot, which is being transformed into the “Medici Palace”, Mr Goyer said Wales was “perfect” for making historical productions. He said: “America does not have castles, period. Swansea Bay has them everywhere.”

He added: “People think of Da Vinci as an old man with a beard. But biographies have claimed, as a young man, he could bend metal bars with his hands, and was a lover, fighter, top swordsman and excellent horseman.”

Various parts of the former car plant at Fabian Way have been turned into 15th century Florence streets complete with houses, taverns and jails by an army of skilled carpenters and set designers. And the factory also houses “Da Vinci’s workshop” which looks like a wizard’s chamber straight out of the Harry Potter movies...

...Riley, in 15th century dress, said outside Margam Castle: “Wales has been a bit wet but magnificent. You have the forests, the castles, the stunning scenery. It’s been great.”

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