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A new video interview with Tom for TV equals has been shared on You Tube. As well as discussing season 3, Tom reveals that he loves the idea of bingeing the new season. Watch the video below. 

In a new interview with David S. Goyer for The Daily Beast, he discusses Leonardo's sexuality again, and knowing that the end of Da Vinci's Demons was 'on the cards'. The interview also includes some kind words about Tom as Leonardo. Read it in full on The Daily Beast.

David S. Goyer and his Da Vinci’s Demons crew were putting the finishing touches on their third season when they got the news that Starz was sounding the death knell: Season 3 would be the last for dashing young Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci, played with aplomb by Brit star Tom Riley.

“We knew it was in the cards,” Goyer shrugged on a recent afternoon in Los Angeles, days before the historical fantasy premiered the first episode of its final season. Da Vinci’s Demons was one of the more successful television shows of Goyer’s career...

Goyer, who helped change superhero movies by giving Hollywood its most brooding Batman, created his fictionalized take on Italy’s most famous genius as a sexy Middle Ages MacGyver battling secret conspiracies for Starz and BBC back in 2013. Fans and industry-watchers alike were taken by surprise when the network announced its sudden cancellation months before the Season 3 premiere.

The heads-up nonetheless allowed Goyer & Co. to end Demons on their own terms in an arc set during the bloody 15th century Ottoman siege of Otranto, he says. But it also preempted a hypothetical fourth season that would have seen the cable series finally dive into the most salacious and controversial persisting element of the Da Vinci legend: His bisexuality. The show’s producers and star have been deflecting criticisms of “straight-washing” since they briefly addressed Da Vinci’s long-rumored love for men in a first season episode depicting his 1476 trial for sodomy. Ratings were strong. For the rest of that season and the next, however, Da Vinci’s Demons backed away from the topic while emphasizing Da Vinci’s romantic relationship with Lucrezia Donati (Laura Haddock).

“In Season 4 he was going to have a homosexual relationship for the majority of the season,” said Goyer, who added that he considers Da Vinci to be bisexual. “There’s an interesting scene toward the end of the third season between Lucrezia and Leonardo, that if people listen closely she’s providing certain commentary on that.”

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