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The UK DVD is finally out today and is available to buy from Amazon and other locations. We still have no idea what the DVD cover looks like. In advance of the season 2 premiere in UK on Friday 4th April (2 weeks behind the US and most of the FOX channels - it's not like the show was filmed in the UK or anything...), Den of Geek UK has shared a great preview article, from their visit to the Da Vinci's Demons set last September, with some fascinating production facts. Read it in full on the site. 

Tom Riley, who plays Leonardo, told us, “This season is more Indiana Jones-y than last season. There’s a lot more action, adventure, stunts and things blowing up in foreign climes. In fact, our director Peter [Hoar] knocked together a little fake poster he made on his laptop that said ‘Leonardo Da Vinci And The Book of Leaves’ in the Indiana Jones font, which, incidentally, I think is called Fedora.”

In one of the studio’s three enormous stages was a recreated section of cornfield. “We’ve planted a cornfield here because we’re doing pick-ups of a cornfield that we actually grew in Margum Park.” Ed Thomas tells us, “We grew 11 acres of corn, it’s the first time we’ve grown a set!” What did they do with the corn when they’d finished? “I think it was harvested”, Thomas says. Who knows, that corn could have ended up asa bowl of Da Vinci’s Demons cornflakes...

Gregg Chillin, who plays Leo’s childhood friend Zoroaster, told us “[Goyer] is a bundle of amazing secrets and he’s quite good at spilling them. If you want a secret kept, do not tell him because they all come out. Tom [Riley] does a great job of holding onto spoilers forever, and we go up to him and ask, ‘So what happens in episode nine?’ and he jokes ‘You all die’ and it’s instantly dismissed, but David has this amazing way of just letting it all spill out one thing after another. You just sit and listen.” Has Chillin ever tried to weasel Justice League news out of David Goyer? “All the time. I sent him an email when they revealed the Ben Affleck casting saying ‘Hey, where was my screen test? Bruce Walid Wayne! I could do it”

2 more reviews for The Blood of Brothers have been shared online, from Examiner.com and Crave Online.

“The Blood of Brothers” refers to the bond between da Vinci and Lorenzo, forged in life-saving blood and now a reaffirmed loyalty as da Vinci begins a journey that he believes will ultimately benefit the Medicis and their beloved city. The alliance is a promising start to da Vinci’s epic likely season-long journey, one that should make for some very entertaining viewing for fans of the historical fantasy genre.

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