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An absolutely brilliant article about Da Vinci's Demons, featuring interviews with Tom and David S. Goyer has been posted on Daily News.com. Read it in full on the website. 

In Goyer's new "historical fantasy," "Da Vinci's Demons," beginning Friday April 12, the legendary artist does more than use a paintbrush. Played by the dashing Tom Riley, the ambidextrous Leonardo sword fights, has a vibrant sex life, becomes involved in political machinations, smokes opium and creates marvelous contraptions and machines.

David Goyer commented about Tom's audition for Leonardo da Vinci and had very kind words to say about him.

Goyer says they saw hundreds of people for the role of da Vinci before Riley came in for an audition and "nailed it." The 32-year-old English actor is more known in Britain than America, although he received a Drama Desk Awards nomination for his performance in the 2011 Tony-nominated Broadway play "Arcadia. " "He imbued da Vinci with all the characteristics that I was looking for," says Goyer. "He was funny, feverish, brilliant and dangerous and a little off-kilter and crazy. I think Tom is a major talent and is going to be a big star. And it doesn't hurt that he is a genuinely funny and really bright guy. "

...Riley says it's impossible to understand what it is like to have the "biggest brain in human history." So, instead, he tried to deal with things he could understand, like a struggle for perfection, which made him extremely frustrated. "The biggest thing was how lonely he must be to be the cleverest man in the room, always finding everyone around you frustrating. No matter how much you like them, they will never be able to keep up with you. That must be a burden as much as a blessing. I thought it was a really interesting way into him. "

And while "Da Vinci's Demons" is not meant to be a primer on late 15th century Italy, it does offer a fun glimpse into a "more bawdy and vibrant a time," observes Riley.

On the Golden Globes website, the delegation from HFPA who attended the recent Da Vinci's Demons press tour in Florence have posted details about the visit. 

A delegation of the HFPA attended the World Premiere of the Starz original series Da Vinci’s Demons April 2nd in Florence, Italy. David S. Goyer, creator and head writer of the series, welcomed an international press corps ”to experience life through the eyes of young Leonardo da Vinci“.

Part of the schedule included key landmarks of Da Vinci’s early years:

  • His birth place (born April 15, 1452) in the picturesque village of Vinci whose Mayor Dario Parrini invited the visitors to imagine Leonardo’s spirit within the ancient stone buildings of his town
  • The Museo Leonardino with an impressive collection of models built according to Da Vinci’s visionary , hand-drafted, technical inventions
  • Florence, Tuscany’s Capital with the majestic Duomo (Dome) and the power center of the Medici family, the Palazzo Vecchio
  • The Hotel San Michele in the hills of Fiesole with a panoramic view of Florence.

This photo of the Da Vinci's Demons team celebrating Tom's birthday was shared on KirpinHollywood.fi.

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