A new interview with Tom has been shared by TV Choice magazine.

Is this the most challenging role you've ever done?

By a long shot. The hours are huge and the shoot is long and the character is emotionally exhausting — he's weeping or he doesn't stop moving. The part I played just before this was a character who was very naturalistic and just got on with life and shrugged a lot and suddenly I'm playing a man who is either in the depths of pain, or he's laughing or he's seething. So yeah, I sleep very deeply at night!

What's it been like filming in Wales?

It's been wet, but not as wet as last year when we got stung by the weather. This year we had a beautiful summer so we were able to sell Italy and South America, which was the bigger picture. The South American stuff is pretty amazing, I have to say. It looks lush and beautiful and green and gorgeous. I like shooting in Wales, as I like how close we are to going home at the weekend — there are more pros than cons.

Don't be confused by the broadcast date posted on the site - FOX UK changed their announced broadcast date for Da Vinci's Demons season 2 from March 28th to April 4th, to make it one of the last FOX channels to broadcast season 2, despite the show being made in UK. They also delayed the release date for the UK DVD to 31st March, unfathomably 1 year after season 1 was shown on TV. There are no details about the DVD cover or the DVD extras, or indeed any advertising for the release. 

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