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An interview with Tom and Laura Haddock has been shared on the TV Choice website. They talk about being cast, and how unassuming and collaborative David S. Goyer is. 

How did you land your roles?

Tom Riley: Well, in the same kind of way that any of these things come about. I thought, ‘Someone else will get this.’ And then it all happened quite quickly. Laura and I were the first two to be cast.

Laura Haddock: I had a couple of meetings and a sort of chemistry test with Tom — he was already cast. Then I was invited out to LA and got offered the part. Then we had multiple coffees, because we were s******g ourselves! Oh my God!

Tom Riley: We did spend the next three months going, ‘We’d better become friends really quickly!’

Laura Haddock: Yes, we need to be friends and we really need to go to the gym!

Two brilliant new trailers have appeared online.

  • The first Da Vinci's Demons 'Hero' has been uploaded to You Tube by Starz but cannot be viewed outside the US. It can be seen on the FOX Greece website
  • The second 'da Vinci the Genius' is on the FOX TV UK site but is also region blocked unfortunately. I'm looking for an alternative source. 

More great photos from this afternoon's photocall have been shared on Getty and Corbis

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