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A new, but brief, interview with Tom from the recent press tour in Florence has been shared on UK Screen in advance of the UK premiere of Da Vinci's Demons, this Friday night on FOX TV. The conversation concentrates on Da Vinci's sexuality in the show.

Free from the shackles of history, Goyer imbues the show with sex and violence, feeding the insatiable appetite of the modern audience for frivolous entertainment. Da Vinci, played by British thespian Tom Riley, is a batman without the bat costume; he is undefeated swordsman and a womanizer, though there has been substantial evidence that he was a homosexual. In fact, he was accused of sodomy and never married to a woman. Goyer, however, insists that was a misconceived claim made by Freud. “My personal opinion is he was probably bisexual,” he says.

Riley concedes that Da Vinci’s sexual affair with the mistress of his boss, Lorenzo Medici, was merely a dramatic necessity. “She is primarily a means to an end and he uses her to get where he needs to be as far as war engineering is concerned.”

This lovely photo has also been shared - visit the UK Screen site for a very hi-res version.

A new interactive website promoting Da Vinci's Demons has been created by Forge of Empires. The site is still under construction, but check back to see updates. Video content is not viewable outside the UK. 

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