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As well as the fantastic video interview with Tom uploaded earlier to You Tube, Wonderland Magazine has shared an 'In Profile' interview with two gorgeous photos of Tom by Jessie Craig on their website. Read it in full on their site.

Most vivid childhood memory?

I remember being at a story-reading in a local library as a 5 year old. It was a story about a dragon. Halfway through, a bunch of local students burst into the room dressed as a Chinese dragon. Despite being five, I laughed it off.

What was the last lie you told?

I told you I laughed the Chinese dragon off when actually I wept so much I was thrown out of the library.

Fantasy or sci-fi?

Sci-fi. The narrative rules in that world make for stronger story-telling, whereas fantasy can rely on magic to get you out of corners. If someone says that the trolls are coming over the Bridge of Orthonolingoshire I tend to switch off.

What’s your favourite item of clothing?

I have a beautiful leather biker jacket from All Saints with sheep wool lining that is both awesome to look at and warm to be in.

Are you a lover or a fighter? 

A lover. Every time it looks like I might be getting into a fight I just kiss the guy till he surrenders.

What would you rather die without having? 

No material possession is better than life itself.

Marmite or Nutella?

Nutella wins the thick brown paste war.

What’s your biggest fear? That I’m going to get found out.

What would you do if you were king?

Be quietly smug in the fact that I had Helen Mirren waiting for me at home.

Favourite co-star?

It changes from job to job but I have a very soft spot for three terrific actresses, who also became three of my best friends. Jemima Rooper, Imogen Poots and Laura Haddock.

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