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ITV series Dark Heart, with Tom Riley as DI Wagstaffe, has been included in a few Autumn TV preview articles this week: Radio Times, TV Times, What's On TV and Den of Geek UK.

The dead tree version of this week's Radio Times has the above photo of Tom, which is not the same in the online post. Thanks to Lorna for the heads up. The TV Times includes a tiny morsel from Tom about his character, though I don't think it is new (scan included above). The Den of Geek piece is a little misleading - the original pilot episode will be included in the 6 episode series, and unlikely to be available to watch again before broadcast - which will hopefully be in November (according to 2 cast members on Twitter recently).

Writer Chris Lang offers more detail about the series to the Radio Times - most intriguingly, there will be reshot material in the first 2 episodes.

Chris Lang

“In 2016, I wrote a single drama called Dark Heart based on Adam Creed’s books about a London detective, DCI Will Wagstaffe [Tom Riley, above]. It was for ITV Encore, which doesn’t exist any more. Then there was a bit of a gap — when I was mainly writing Unforgotten. Now we’ve done six episodes for ITV, starting with the original single drama including reshot material. “I’m aware that TV’s depiction of women victims of violence has become a big issue. Actually, a critic who was nice about the third series of Unforgotten complained that it centred on the death of a young woman. I emailed her to say that series one and two had male victims. A third of murder victims in the UK each year are women. “In Dark Heart, the first two are male, but it would be an absurd denial of reality if we stopped having women victims on TV.”

Dark Heart will air on ITV in late autumn   Radio Times

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