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While ITV teases next week's story for episodes 3 and 4 of Dark Heart starring Tom Riley, some more feed back has been shared online for the two episodes broadcast this week. They may be a tiny bit spoilerish, so don't read if you haven't seen any episodes yet. While the Daily Express managed a whole shouty column about the out of focus shots, the issue was raised by various reviewers and lots of viewers. Hopefully the newly filmed episodes will have fabulous clarity. 

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If you like the grit of Luther, or the dark twists of Line of Duty, or the handsome lead of Bodyguard, then chances Dark Heart will be right up your shadowy alley. Scdontv

There’s was a lot to like about Dark Heart Episode 2, then, but also some bits to detest. Keeping most of the frame deliberately out of focus is aggravating as far as stylistic choices go, and having pretty much all of the major plot developments occur in this second hour led to a lot of contrivances. There’s only so many times Will can stumble on mission-critical information that has just been jotted in a notepad and left lying around. But overall, I’m here for it. I like a straight-shooting crime thriller as much as the next guy, and I especially like unfussy, uncomplicated ones like this. Maybe next week Will gets to win a fight. Ready Steady Cut

While Unforgotten might be crime-driven, it’s a piece that translates well to all viewers — no matter what type of genre you might prefer. Dark Heart isn’t the same, in that it’s unapologetically crime. It doesn’t shy away from what it is, and fully embraces all of the attributes of the genre. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea (and it doesn’t try to be), and some might find the grisly storylines too much to stomach, but if you love a good crime thriller with a damaged detective protagonist, then Dark Heart is very much for you. What’s more, television has conditioned us to expect six-part stories, so the fact that this series will give us a new narrative next week is rather a breath of fresh air, and it’ll be interesting to see if Dark Heart can maintain the momentum after two truly compelling opening instalments. Custard TV

So it was the copper with the cough, in the torture dungeon, with the chainsaw… Or, at least, it would have been were it not for DI Will Wagstaffe (Tom Riley) mooching to the rescue in an agreeably grimy second episode of Dark Heart (ITV). If the opening hour of the latest crime drama from Chris Lang (Unforgotten/Innocent) was all about mood, part two is where the plot crashes through the sky-light with a vengeance. Wagstaffe’s strategy of huffing around London looking hugely peeved pays off as he connects the dots between the various paedophiles targeted by a mysterious and unusually sadistic vigilante. Independent

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