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Decider has shared a review of the first episodes of Dark Heart on BritBox and they like it! Read it in full on the site. Dead Good Books seem to enjoy last night's episode 3, and shared a recap.  

One of the things that’s interesting about Dark Heart, whose pilot aired in 2016 but new first season episodes start airing on November 7 (those Brits, they work at their own pace), is that it takes a unique spin on the “troubled cop” trope. Wagstaffe isn’t an antihero who drinks while driving or flips off all authority; his trouble is from the unsolved murder of his parents. He just can’t get it out of his mind, and that’s what drives him to actually excel at his job, even when he’s investigating pedophiles getting castrated. Tom Riley does a nice job showing Wagstaffe’s pain, especially when he reacts to his sister’s lack of attention to the murder’s anniversary. He’s even got it calculated to the point where he will have lived longer without his parents than with them, and he doesn’t understand how Jules can think that he’ll never find who killed them...

Our Call: STREAM IT, if only because of Tom Riley as Wagstaffe.

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