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Earlier today there was a wonderful, extremely funny interview with Tom Riley on ITV show This Morning, promoting tonight's episode of Dark Heart. He chatted about disappointing passers-by when filming the series by not being Richard Madden, and his recent revelation about the cactus injury. If you missed it, watch again on ITV Hub, though STV has kindly shared a snippet on Twitter (embedded below).

While UK fans can enjoy episode 3 from 9pm on ITV this evening, US and Canada based fans can watch the first 3 episodes on BritBox. In advance of that, a grear review has been shared by TV Worth Watching. Read it in full on the website. 


Dark Heart is also a dark television program. Besides telling an engaging, if often grim, story, it provides further proof that there are apparently an infinite number of variations on the troubled TV cop. Dark Heart, which becomes available Wednesday on the streaming service BritBox, stars Tom Riley as Will Wagstaffe, a London detective whose parents were murdered 17 years ago when he was 16. He apparently got over it enough to become a detective and a good one...

...Child sex abuse and the potential appearance of a vigilante who wants suspects to suffer for their crimes creates a good amount of adrenalin in Dark Heart, and Tom Riley plays Will’s part just right. While he never can completely hide his own wounds, he exudes the reassurance of a professional who is confident in his skills and his decisions. That doesn’t lighten the world he inhabits or the even nastier world into which this case plunges him. It does juggle skillfully the question of whether there’s a path back from the heart of darkness.


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